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Handheld GPS and Property Management

Handheld GPS and Property Management


One of the coolest devices I have come across is the Tracer Pro Pak fleet GPS device. I could write my own review but they say it best,

Tracer allows managers to enter maintenance and work order information on their smart phones. Tracer’s location aware technology goes beyond just giving GPS driving instructions, it helps the manager automatically connect the repair or work order ticket with the right geographical location with fewer mouse clicks. Tracer knows how to treat repairs under warranty differently from non-warranty repairs. Tracer knows how to show your managers the list of approved vendors for each community and can even transmit the work order to the vendor’s email or fax machine within minutes, with a photo and accurate location. Your managers can spend less time chasing paperwork in the office and spend more time in the field, building better relationships with your board members and helping you keep and improve your business.

The problem now is price. There is an example ROI from its use for a fleet of 22 vans. But what about the small company with only a couple property managers? Scaling down to the “ma & pa” level continues to be an issue.

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