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MIPIM PropTech Summit in New York, NY, on October 5, 2016

MIPIM PropTech Summit in New York, NY, on October 5, 2016

MIPIM’s PropTech Summit (#MIPIMPropTech) in New York City on October 5, 2016 was done in conjunction with MetaProp NYC’s Real Estate Tech Week. Held in the Altman Building, the attendees were limited to proptech enthusiasts and business owners.

MIPIM PropTech Summit 2016

Presentations included

Startup Competition

Hundreds of proptech companies, including MoveIn.Space, applied for this competition.


  • Ravti
  • hOM
  • Happy Co
  • Envelope
  • Commonplace Digital
  • State of Place
  • StackSource
  • Assess+RE
  • Bowery Real Estate Systems

Ravti won. While all of the companies solved big problems, Ravti had the most immediate access to a large growth in revenue.

Governments Role in PropTech

Real Estate’s Frontier Tech

There were also many of the big names in the proptech twittersphere in attendance.


Despite being the first year for this event, and being put together in such a short time frame, this was an excellent event. MetaPropNYC did an excellent job on their side: the right people, the right venue, and the open bar & hors d’oeuvres went over well.

The presentations were insightful and the energy continued to build throughout the day to the point that the “Best In International PropTech” discussion was almost lost to the cacophony of chat in the crowd by the bar. The competition ended and everyone continued to talk until the Altman people told everyone to GTFO.

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