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Rent is the new Buy

2008-11-26 ,

The Internet makes more is available to us in more locations. Get cars when you want them with Zip Car. You can even get sports…

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CFP Software


CFP Software specialize in supplying only the best Lettings, Property Management, Accounting and Estate Agency Software. They have been in business over 10 years, and…

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Microsoft Surface Tables to Push Booze


This one caught my eye. No, not because its about drinking booze. But because it involves the use of technology to improve the human element….

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2008-10-22 is growing. They are moving from East Cost United States to be a national and international company. With 8 programmers of their 18 people,…

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digitalenergy show your energy usage online


Using energy diagnostics in addition to energy certification will help you identify trends in your utility usage that can lead to significant cost reductions. digitalenergy…

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Twittering with Public Relations


UrbaneApts is a “Progressive property management company with 10 Urbane-branded properties”. They tweet short messages about events and people in the buildings. This sounds great…

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What Additional Value Does Your OAMS Provide?


Pinga Solutions asserts that “property management software is the key to retaining competitiveness in the real estate industry” and there is a “flood of software…

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SMS Real Estate Lead Capture Technology


XAP Realty allows people interested in a property for rent or sale to text a code to a phone number and get details including: address,…

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Re-lease Your Office


Benefits to leasing office space instead of owning include reduced commitment, reduced property maintenance headache, and reduced participation in an industry that you may not…

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Multi-family Pricing Optimization


Revenue optimization is the next area to improve the bottom line, especially when you cannot cut costs and getting new customers is difficult. Recently, Escapia…

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