Customer Success-centric Pre- & Post-sales for Startups

Land & Expand

Net Recurring Revenue is where SaaS companies make their profit. Keeping the cost of revenue comes from Customer Success, which begins before the sale is made.

Capture a sale, implement it, and then support the client in getting value from it.


Methodical approach to quantify the prospect's ROI from implementing their use cases.

Sales Engineering

Demonstrate "real life" to your technical and non-technical audiences.


Minimize Time To First Value and generate a roadmap to expediently reach Full Value.

Adoption (Technical Account Management)

Scale adoption via a holistic interplay between Product-Led Growth, Customer Marketing, and low- and high-touch Customer Success.

Remote and on-site staff with a technical foundation and a business mind.

A company founder will be your single point of contact. That person will be your dedicated resource until you have a repeatable process.
That founder will continue to be in touch with you as you continue your relationship with Replexus.

Add best practices to your product and process to make each step appropriately repeatable.

Then, we augment your resources to perform each of the steps on your behalf. As we learn more, we document more. At each iteration, we look to improve the process.
As you grow we provide additional resources, remotely or in-person.


We get future customers by first seeking to understand their needs. We ask questions that will allow us to smoothly transition to subsequent steps.

You receive:
  • The potential client’s executive vision.
  • How much value your solution can add.


We implement what you sell.
We manage the project, which may include your personnel as well as resources from your client.

You receive:
  • Documentation.
  • Source code.
  • Client survey results of our performance and perception of your offering.
  • Analysis of additional opportunities with the client.

Sales Engineering

We answer technical questions, allowing the salesperson to progress.
We demonstrate your product to any audience, technical or non-technical.
We listen to your prospective client to understand their concerns when they ask:

  • Will your product work with our business practices?
  • Will your product work with our software and architecture?
  • What is the expected ROI from working with your product or service?
You receive:
  • The potential client’s business drivers and goals.
  • How your solution meets each of the potential client’s needs and wants.
  • Additional opportunities for growth with the potential client.


We train your client to use your product or service.
We proactively support your client so they may get more value by using your product or service.

You receive:
  • Client survey results of our performance and perception of your offering..
  • Analysis of additional opportunities with your client.

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See what others have to say about us!

  • Recognizing an opportunity to improve our implementation, Josh wrote custom JavaScript to extend our chat visibility onto a 3rd party solution we rely upon for opening new accounts and loan applications. Josh took special care to overcome obstacles and make our transition smooth. Now, 14% of our traffic is a result of his extra efforts. We truly appreciate his going above and beyond to help us meet our member service needs.

    AVP at Keesler Federal Credit Union
  • Josh is an outstanding consultant who is able to manage complex deployments across multiple continents. It's common for new clients to suddenly add additional scope and shorten "go-live"expectations after a contract signature. What's un-common are project managers like Josh who can seamlessly handle these types of curve balls while turning new clients into raving fans. Josh is excellent at protecting a salesperson's time while helping him sell. Thank You Josh!

    Account Executive at LivePerson
  • Josh has been very instrumental in working with me on providing solutions and product expertise to Enterprise level customers. In addition to his technical skills and LivePerson knowledge, Josh has an excellent understanding of mobile computing. He has been invaluable working with customers in understanding their business and technical requirements and providing solutions and technical expertise to help customers succeed.

    Customer Success Manager for Dynamics at Microsoft

Anytime, anywhere, for however long (or short) you need it.

Most meetings are done over the internet at a pre-paid per-hour rate. On-site attention requires additional time and travel expenses.

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