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Business in the Cloud, at KLAY 1180, on July 8, 2016

Business in the Cloud, at KLAY 1180, on July 8, 2016

Every Friday at 3:00 pm Pacific on KLAY 1180, David Eichner, host of Business on the Cloud, discusses “what’s on the cutting edge of today’s cloud technology and how it can work for you”.

He invited Josh Rosenthal on to the air for a 15-minute discussion and the two ended talking for an hour about a few companies that REPlexus is working with, all of whom are hosted solutions.

  • MoveIn.Space is a walkthrough management tool looking to end conflict between landlords and tenants by helping them prove “it was like that at move-in”.
  • Skyler360 is an automated lead-management tool that uses artificial intelligence to return phone calls via text message or email, and then nurture that lead down your sales funnel until they are ready to buy.
  • CloudSploit is an automated security and configuration scanner that can detect hundreds of threats in your AWS account, to avoid a misstep compromising a company’s entire infrastructure.

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