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Growth Hacking Learned from Years at a SAAS Startup

2016-06-07 , ,

A member of Wishpond posted the following growth hacking tips (sic). Growth Hacking Tip #1: Hide retargeting cookies for 45 seconds Stop retargeting people who bounced immediately from…

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The Sharing Economy is Changing Real Estate Development Investment Strategies

The sharing economy is forcing changes in investment strategies of real estate developers. Current Sharing Economy Most readers here are already well aware of how rents and…

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Tricks to Rolling Out CRE Tech Initiatives #CustomerSuccess

Pauline Nee at Honest Buildings lays out important points for a successful rolling out new CRETech, which any customer success professional would agree with. Map…

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OAMS Advantages Include Information Creation

2008-09-14 ,

The Advantages of Computerized Rental Management go beyond record keeping (data management) and enter into information-creation. Mathematical models can be created to predict who will…

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Tenants for Good Tenants

2008-09-08 ,

In “The Most Dangerous Tenant“, Property Master presents technical advice for finding good tenants. One idea was to check with local landlord’s association. While the…

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Three-way Ratings


Online Asset Management Software (OAMS) is gaining in popularity. OAMS tend to specialize in standing between two parties of the tenant – property manager –…

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