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Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate: A Trojan Horse to Agents

Artificial Intelligence will be the boon and then the downfall of the common real estate agent. Already we’re seeing the role of the letting agent get…

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Realtor Commissions Have Always Been Broken. Game Theory Can Help.

Get paid more to do a poor job negotiating. Get paid more to get your client to spend more. However, you explain it, this is…

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Conversational Commerce — How A Bot Reduced Virgent’s Workload By 80%

we built a fully automated, text-messaging based bot that now handles about 80% of all the showing requests we receive Defined as “the intersection of…

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Inman Connect, in New York City, on January 26-29, 2016

Inman Connect New York 2016 (#ICNY #ICNY16) was the largest real estate technology events yet. The first day was filled with attendees, most of them…

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