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Look, a Panda! ಠ_ಠ Gimmicks Need to Make Money

A seller in East Riding, Yorkshire, UK included a panda as a tour guide for their home video and got some press coverage. Neat. ಠ_ಠ But what did it…

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Rent is the new Buy

2008-11-26 ,

The Internet makes more is available to us in more locations. Get cars when you want them with Zip Car. You can even get sports…

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Planning for Platform Obsolescence: Tactics versus Strategy

2008-09-26 ,

Business is a game of chess. Tactics are the moves you are making. Strategy is the planning you prepare for tactics. Software as a Service…

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End of Operating Systems

2008-09-20 ,

Hospitality technology company MSI successfully adds Windows Vista platform to property management software. Why? With all of the problems Vista has had, Microsoft is already…

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OAMS Advantages Include Information Creation

2008-09-14 ,

The Advantages of Computerized Rental Management go beyond record keeping (data management) and enter into information-creation. Mathematical models can be created to predict who will…

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Tenants for Good Tenants

2008-09-08 ,

In “The Most Dangerous Tenant“, Property Master presents technical advice for finding good tenants. One idea was to check with local landlord’s association. While the…

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2008-09-04 ,

Standards such as W3C’s i18n provide a framework for internationalizing software. Application Service Providers (ASP) have recognized that presenting their websites in another language opens…

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Automated Applicant Processing

2008-08-27 ,

In all of the reviews of property management software, the application process appears to be the least automated. Oddly, this is a large savings opportunity….

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Real Estate Companies Turn to IT Services

2008-08-19 ,

ITelagen provides all-inclusive, guaranteed, flat-rate service that provides management and support of all IT facets including desktop, server, hosting, and network support, all on a…

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