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Reporting is Key to Revenue Management

Reporting is Key to Revenue Management


Foci of Online Asset Management Software includes

  1. Attracting users; owners, and sometimes renters
  2. Ease of use for all involved parties
  3. Reporting

The software needs to (1) get people (2) to use it, and then (3) make information out of the datam. In an interview with Elizabeth Churchill, VP Sales and Marketing for Aqua Hotels and Resorts, she says

You need a revenue team to focus on strategy rather than just reports. Manual reporting is very time consuming, and it can be hard for small hotels to get their hands on reports quickly and easily.

Reporting may include an income statements, tax form preparation, and even complex ad-hoc reports. For the benefit of the latter reports, integrating with existing reporting software is key. Real Estate SaaS will allow for simple integration.

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