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Rent is the new Buy

Rent is the new Buy

2008-11-26 ,

The Internet makes more is available to us in more locations. Get cars when you want them with Zip Car. You can even get sports equipment, like surfboards, when you want them with (IMHO, is even better than Netflix because it reduces carrying costs when trying items whilst on vacation and it lets you try and rate products before you buy them.)

Physical space is available for purchase and rent on, including office space, rooms for rent, and more spaces are to come. SpaceLister also lists parking spaces, as does and These companies recognize that people burdened with paying for their (likely depreciated) space can benefit from those who want to invest their money elsewhere. Besides convenience, there are economic benefits for renting rather than buying.

When you are ready to buy, consider going back to where you first rented and see what others have to say and check for discounts they may be able to offer.

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