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Real Estate Companies Turn to IT Services

Real Estate Companies Turn to IT Services

2008-08-19 ,

ITelagen provides all-inclusive, guaranteed, flat-rate service that provides management and support of all IT facets including desktop, server, hosting, and network support, all on a flat-rate monthly subscription.

According to their press release on August 6, 2008, available on PRWeb,

“The real estate industry needs to reduce costs and as most large companies recognize, this can be accomplished through the adoption of enterprise-grade technologies,” said John O’Keefe, CEO, ITelagen. “Our service brings Fortune 500-type IT support to the real estate investment and management companies for a flat monthly rate that enables them to more easily adopt these enterprise technologies and in turn, operate more efficiently,” O’Keefe said.

Focus on cost reduction can only be taken as far as staff and other infrastructure will allow. The opportunity for increased profits lies within revenue optimization. Services that act in lieu of people are optimal but not always realistic. Humans will never be replaced in complex situations. Rather, technologies need to improve that go beyond education and initiate transactions, which are then completed by staff.

We will report as we find them.

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