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CFP Software

CFP Software


CFP Software specialize in supplying only the best Lettings, Property Management, Accounting and Estate Agency Software. They have been in business over 10 years, and began with a DOS based desktop application. Since then they have grown the functionality of their product and then split in to 6 very-similar Windows-based applications.

  • CFP winMan is a property management package intended mainly for residential property management, that complies with ARLA, RICS , NAEA or NALS codes of conduct;
  • CFP commercial is a commercial letting, property management and client accounting system with automatic documentation production and marketing tools;
  • CFP winMan MBA is like CFP winMan but for handling multiple accounts, and complies with the regulations of the United Kingdom;
  • CFP holidayLets is for short-term rentals;
  • CFP bookings is a scaled-down version of the former product;
  • CFP winEstate is a management system for real estate agents.

Each of the products has many features beyond its strong accounting basis; it is the only package certified by The Institute of Chartered Accountants. The strongest is its template communications that can be created and sent via paper, email, or SMS with just a couple mouse clicks. These can include marketing collateral creation that includes pictures, floor plans, and the EU-required energy performance and environmental impact ratings. This collateral can be exported as a text-file to update listings on websites including RightMove, PropertyFinder, and FindaProperty.

The packages have shortcomings as well. First, it is not online and nor do they have plans to. CFP suggests that a company puts this on their own network and then VPN to it, providing the feeling of being online. Next, applicants and renters need to be re-created for each rental (i.e. “let”) rather than allowing one person to build a rental history. Finally, even in their commercial system they have no concept of base year.

If you are in the UK, this may be worth the €800 to set up and €500/seat to use.

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