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What to Look For in Property Management Software

What to Look For in Property Management Software

2008-09-09 0 Comments

Property Management Software – What to Look For” presents generic information for an OAMS. With so many to choose from, they are becoming a commodity and the computer-based systems are considered dinosaurs.

Where will OAMS value come from in the future?

  • Decreased prices are a money-saver, not a value-adder. As prices soon reach $0, this will no longer be an area of competition.
  • Traditional property management functions are finite. Soon all will be ubiquitous in some open source software solution. Just look at all of the free open-source property management software available on
    note: OSS is software is not free, there are configuration costs. See “Free, as in Beer“.
  • Ease of use will attract users. This includes layout (i.e. look and feel) and accessibility (e.g. web browser and cellphone access). Ease of use too has its value limits.
  • Integration. As Service Oriented Architecture becomes ubiquitous, each offering can focus on doing only their purpose. A solution will be comprised of services. This best-of-breeds approach is where opportunity is available, says me.

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